Are Coloured Lenses Safe?

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Are Coloured Lenses Safe?

By Unitel Direct | July 29th, 2021 | 0 Comments

 Coloured Lenses are Safe to Wear

You may often notice people with coloured lenses in Wavertree. Even you might be the one who has a fascination with them. But you wonder how safe are they? Lenses are medical devices that eye doctors prescribe. But now people even buy coloured contacts without a prescription or any medical check-up. This is considered illegal in many parts of the world and can highly damage your vision.
Even drug stores, costume shops or flea markets also stock contact lens that is not at all fit to use in your eyes. Only buy or order them from a doctor’s office or authentic online shops that cater to the lens and eye tools or devices. Before choosing your coloured lenses, consult the specialist of Smithdown Eyecare Ltd. who is an industry expert and only offers the best.

Possible Issues
Coloured lenses get their tint or hue from chemicals that are always not eye-friendly. This can seriously irritate your eyes that can lead to an eye condition.

Decorative lenses are also different in features from regular contacts. The less breathability, rigidness and thickness make these great tools to cause eye infections. And in the worst-case scenario, bacteria can be trapped in the lenses, resulting in keratitis – a serious eye infection that can harm your vision in the long run.

 How to Safely Use Coloured Lenses in Wavertree

Don’t put on anything in your eyes without a medical prescription. A consultation session with your optometrist before choosing coloured lenses is mandatory.

Never buy your contacts from random sellers. There is no better option than a reliable retailer who has been in the industry for years. Focus on the expertise of your ophthalmologist.

Taking care of lenses is different from glasses. Follow the directions prescribed by your eye doctor while handling coloured lenses. From their storage to a disinfectant procedure to cleaning – each step comes with its separate requirements. Always wash your hands before handling lenses. And don’t use spit or tap water to clean them up.

A lot of contacts come with claims like ‘no need to visit your eye doctor or ‘fit for all’ which are completely wrong. Misconceptions like these can fuel the increased use of coloured lenses. Non-prescription eye tools not only limit themselves in causing eye infections but they can also scratch or cause a bruise within the eyes. Contacts must be tailored as per the need of the user.

 Here are a few tips to safely use coloured lenses:

  • Always consult your eye doctor before buying your contacts
  • Valid prescriptions are important
  • Only buy your lenses from a retailer who asks for a valid prescription
  • Follow all necessary steps that are crucial for absolute safety.

Can coloured contacts be prescribed?

Yes, if you deem it’s mandatory and fits you fine, then you can ask your eye doctor to prescribe it after a thorough eye check-up session.

Can you wear coloured contacts with astigmatism?

Yes, you can if the lenses are made of silicone hydrogel or poly Hema hydrophilic material, that stops the eyes from getting dry.


If you notice vision loss, redness or irritation after using coloured lenses in Wavertree, consult your optometrist. Smithdown Eyecare Ltd. is here to assist you the best! For any skin treatment, you can connect with us.

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