Most Common Problems with Bifocal Lenses in Wavertree

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Most Common Problems with Bifocal Lenses in Wavertree

By Unitel Direct | September 9th, 2021 | 0 Comments

Bifocal Lenses in Wavertree refer to the eyeglass lenses that contain two powers eventually broken into two parts of the eyeglass. Such types of lenses in eyeglasses are prescribed to the adults post 40 years of age suffering from the problems of Presbyopia or sometimes to the young adults having Myopia or any type of eye teaming or focusing problems. If you plan to get a Bifocal lens in Wavertree, choose the services from only a renowned and reputed optician in Wavertree. There is a wrong notion that eyeglasses cannot be made trendy with bifocal lenses but once you choose the right optician, there will be a myriad of options to choose from.

However, the spectacular addition to the spectacles has some disadvantages too. Here are some most common problems with Bifocal Lenses in Wavertree:

  1. Needs Greater Time Adjusting: Bifocal lenses have two powers simultaneously arranged, hence it takes time to get used to the usage. Keep in mind that you cannot adjust with bifocal lenses overnight unlike any other refractive eyeglasses and you may have to struggle to use the right power for the right type of work. Move carefully and cross the roads attentively when you have the bifocal lenses in Wavertree on. Use the lower part for viewing objects placed closer and vice versa.
  2. May cause dizziness, persistent headaches: It is always sagacious to get the pair of spectacles with bifocal lenses from a reputed optician in Wavertree. If the powers are unevenly distributed through the lenses, you might suffer from continuous strong headaches and dizziness if you wear the glasses for a longer duration. If you notice any such unusual distress after putting on the pair of powered glasses. Contact your optician right away and get the accessory adjusted.
  3. A distorted Bi-focal line: The Bifocal line is a parallel line segregating both the powers from each other. If the bifocal line is placed too high or too low, you might get inadequate vision. If the line is placed higher, you will not be able to view the objects placed at a distance and if the line is put lower, you might face difficulty viewing the close-ups of the objects. Ideally, the bifocal line should be placed parallel to the lower eyelid.


It is important to take care of your eyes and skin too. You will be suggested to use a bifocal lens if you require multiple prescriptions. Be it bifocal lenses in Wavertree or stylish and top-notch spectacle frames, you may explore the catalogue of Smithdown Eyecare Ltd.

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